Tuesday, March 30

Expect The Unexpected

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With the way things are going with Blogger these days, one can wake up the next morning and discover that your site has been deleted , so we have now created a back up in case it does happen, This week Blogger has deleted about 10 blogs except for you know who :) lol

I would like to thank Neil aka "The Biglad" for coming up with this idea
anyway here is the back up url in case we disappear with out a trace

"Remix Land Hot Music For Hot Dj's"
as you can see its not a blog hosting site , but a .com

"Lil Wayne - Drop The World"

"Estelle Ft. Kardinal Offishall - Freak"

"Snoop Dogg Ft Jamie Foxx - I Wanna Rock"

"Rox - My Baby Left Me Wideboys Full Club Remix"

"Chipmunk ft. Esmee Denters - Until You Were Gone"


Dj Dan (DVJ 2 EASY) said...

new chipmunk track is a tuuunnneee
;) thanxx muchly .

Blogger said...

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