Thursday, December 2

Competition Insight, Results & Entries!

I am the administrator for Lazy Records NET and as we are growing back into the mass community we were before the major server downtime in 2009 i am opening up the big features to offer to all members. Its free to register and we strongly support Remixland as we choose to share the best of the best remixes for everyone to download and use in their sets. We are now going to be hosting 5 annual competitions ranging from 2 remix competitions, a mixed set competition, a mashup competition and a TENMINMIX competition. All will include prizes such as major account upgrades and download credits to use on Lazy Records NET, CASH prizes and all entrants will get their tracks posted here exclusively to Remixland! So get registered and entering the competitions now!

In November's remix competition we had little involvement, but still the entrants that entered showed great talent. The stems chosen for the first round were rare Manian leaked files found on our forums ;)

Griersondo - Forever Is Over | ZS | Score: 93
AAJH - Forever Is Over | ZS | Score: 67
Dr Lakata - Outta My Head | ZS | Score: 62
Kendo - Outta My Head | ZS | Score: 57

Second Round (Remixers were asked to remix "R.H.C.P. - Under The Bridge")
Griersondo - Under The Bridge | ZS | Score: 83
Kendo - Under The Bridge | ZS | Score: 83
Dr Lakata - Under The Bridge (Wanna Feel) | ZS | Score: 78
AAJH - Under The Bridge (Take Me All Away) | ZS | Score: 68

Over December we have the TENMINMIX competition going on until midnight on the 31st. If anyone has ever entered Johnathon's (DJ Tutor) TENMINMIX via YouTube then you will know the rules and general guidelines already. For other people please check out this thread for more info. We hope some members will be interested in taking part! Cyah there :)

Example of a TENMINMIX entry (from TopFloorDjs August 2008)

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