Thursday, September 13

Vito Fun Vs. The Deloryanz - Fun Du Monde video release

Vito Fun's name has been snynoymous with New York City's big room house music scene for the last decade. He currently holds residencies in Miami, Fire Island and all over the east coast. He recently teamed up with up and coming producers The Deloryanz to produce 'Fun Du Monde,' a big-room progressive banger and their first large scale commerical release. The video stars Joey Greco from TV's Cheaters and comedian Fat Jew from VH1 and E! and is absolutely INSANE. It is heavily influenced by Benny Benassi's 'Satisfaction' video...It's release is is collaboration with Karmaloop who brought you Nicky Da B & Diplo's's 'Express Yourself.'

Via KarmaloopTV

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