Wednesday, July 9

Droppin' Feathers feat. Nicky Da B

Nicky Da B has done what most artist in the world dream of; ‘Express Yourself’ with Diplo has entered the archive of popular music and put the word ‘twerk’ into the mouths of white women from Dakota to Decatur.

While touring with Rusty Lazer in New York Nicky teamed up with Vito Fun, The Deloryanz & SpacePlant and laid down his signature New Orleans bounce rap over some laser gun electro beats. Droppin’ Feathers is a certified 128 bpm floor filler with a Cazwell backed moombahton remix, a horn heavy Baltimore mix from Thunderbird Juicebox, a heavy bass reconstruction from SpacePlant and an electroswing interpretation from Chicago’s king of electroswing Vourteque.

The video is directed, shot and edited by Lil’ Internet, BlizzedOut and Vito Fun and is set shot and set in New Orlean’s Mardi Gras.

Vito Fun and SpacePlant are continuing their summer festival tour with gigs at Lollapalooza, Outside Lands, Burning Man and Austin City Limits.

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